Sunday, April 27, 2014

Favorite Brand: FCUK

Being a flea market junkie, I try to ignore brands and only concentrate on material components and pattern. Of course, if I had the choice between two identical shirts, I'd choose COS over H&M for example. However, there are still a couple of brands I can't take my eyes off, where I constantly seek for items and go "Awww" when I find something beautiful (mostly without buying because your wallet won't allow it, indirectly). French Connection sure is at the top of the list. I've not only been looking online, but also trying on their clothes, especially dresses, in actual shops and it's just... breathtaking. Most of the time, I felt like the brand was tailored exactly for me, fitting perfectly and making one feel special, somehow. 

Spending 70-120€ on a dress feels weird (I mean, you can easily get ten pretty second hand dresses with that amount of money...), so I'm way too parsimonious for this brand anyhow, but one can't stop falling in love with it, in spite of everything.

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  1. der Lederrock schaut klasse aus! Und der Pailletten Blazer gefällt mir auch gut, obwohl der sicherlich etwas schwer zu kombinieren ist


  2. That silver blazer is so my style! I love it! Great selections, love your taste!


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