Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pre Christmas & New kitchen supply

Another year has gone by, so quickly, that surely some of us would turn around and ask themselves, when did all this time pass by? Last Christmas' memory seems so fresh, still, that event lies a year back. Anyway, no matter what happened in the meantime, this sure means that the beautiful time for presents has once more returned!

I must admit, I've been gathering presents since the beginning of November, because I think about them all year round anyway, so whenever the opportunity comes of crossing an item on my list, I grab it. This is linked to the fact that the back of my closet is now full of pretty little - to be honest, not that little... - packages. I'm always looking forward to the openings, since most of the gifts are well thought-out, at least that's my opinion - and of course, hoping for a satisfied smile or laughter.

Talking about smiles, today someone managed to put a big one on my lips. Please welcome: my new-but-already-beloved measuring jug! Oh, how I wish to have a kitchen for myself soon, to display it and not let it get lost in the thousand other utensils we have in this shared flat. 

Have a wonderful evening!

jug - TK Maxx

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